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colorful music notes

Email: casada_w@hcde.org



I hope every student learns to love music. I believe everyone has room for music in their lives and every child has the potential to be musical. My goal is to provide a solid foundation for students who wish to continue music study. I also hope that students leave LMS as informed music consumers with an appreciation for a variety of musical styles. I want their experiences with music to be fun and positive, giving them opportunities to perform at LMS that will provide them with the confidence to “perform” for audiences throughout their lives, whether in concerts or for future teachers, peers, or potential employers.

If you have any questions about the music program, please contact me at casada_w@hcde.org



Much of the learning that takes place in the music classroom happens through games, songs, and playing instruments. Lessons should be fun and engaging for students, and I have high expectations for their behavior and participation.


Music Links

www.classicsforkids.com – This website has podcasts about composers, genres, and specific musical selections. Also look here for music games.

www.musictheory.net – This is where we go in class for an introduction to the treble clef staff.

http://americanhistory.si.edu/starspangledbanner/default.aspx – A great resource for information on the National Anthem and the flag that inspired it.