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Third Grade

Summer Reading lists for rising third grade students 2014 Summer Reading List 3rd grade 2014-2015 and  3rd grade summer science reading 2014-2014


Betsy Bookout- Bookout_E@hcde.org

Bryan Mann- MANN_B@hcde.org

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3rd Grade Update for Nov. 18th – Nov. 22nd

Reading Aloud daily to your child promotes comprehension, listening skills, fluency, and vocabulary development. It’s also terrific quality time for your family.

What to bring:

  • Snack (please try to avoid peanut products due to allergies in our room)
  • Water Bottle
  • Independent reading book
  • Your SMILE!

Math: We will begin our focus on multiplication.

* Start to review basic multiplication facts (0-12) NIGHTLY.

  • Homework (Remember: you only have to do the practice portion of the homework, but doing the re-teaching side will only help strengthen your math skills)
    • Monday: Teacher made worksheet
    • Tuesday: Teacher made worksheet
    • Wednesday: Teacher made worksheet
    • Thursday: Assessment #7 Review
    • Friday:  Relax, prep for Thanksgiving

Literacy: We will be continuing Writers Workshop as well as Readers Workshop.

  • We will continue our daily read alouds!
  • Discuss with your child about the books they are reading and the writing they are doing.
  • We will continue a deeper study of the nonfiction genre.
  • We will continue our study of Informative writing in writer’s workshop.
  • We recommend reading 30 minutes a night.
  • 20 books challenge – Students will read 20 books over 6 genres, prize once the accomplishment has been met – We have the first finishers of the 20 book challenge, their new challenge is to read 40 BOOKS!!!

Grammar: We will finish our study on verbs and letter punctuations.

  • Apostrophes and review 160-163
  • Test the week after Thanksgiving

Social Studies:
We will begin our study on Tennessee Heroes.

* Chapter 9: Pages 192-196  

We will finish our study on landforms and space.

* Assessment #3:  11 -19-13 (Tuesday)


Handwriting: We will be focusing on correctly writing our manuscript letters

  • Letter “o” and letter review,

Special Announcements:

  • Science Test: 11-19-13
  • Math test: 11-22-13