Lookout Mountain Elementary School
321 N. Bragg Avenue
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350


D'Arcy Hughes

D’Arcy Hughes has been the science lab teacher at LMS since 2005. She works with the grade level and related arts teachers to provide direction and support for the Hamilton County science curriculum and creates connections across the disciplines. Mrs. Hughes is certified for Grades 1-8 and has taught lessons in science, art, social studies, math, and language arts for classes from early childhood through college.

Mrs. Hughes graduated from Chattanooga Christian School and Covenant College, with a BA in Elementary Education and a minor in Sociology. She frequently attends summer classes and workshops in science and art, including geology at UTC and Jacksonville State University, astronomy at the Dyer Observatory, and print making at Campbell Folk School. She has made frequent trips to the University of Georgia Marine Institute or its affiliates to study the ecology of the Georgia shore, and is part of a teacher group which organizes and instructs other teachers in environmental science each summer at Sapelo Island, Georgia.Born in Albany, NY, D’Arcy has been a resident of Lookout Mountain since 1966. She is married to N. Frank Hughes, a local banker and retired Marine, and has three children and an assortment of fascinating lab critters. She enjoys gardening, reading, hikes which don’t require anything more than a day pack, and singing movie scores with her kids while cooking up vast amounts of gastronomic delights for hungry teenagers.

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