Why a Bangna International School Teaching Career is the Right Move for You

Whether you are an experienced teacher or a new one, there are several opportunities to advance your teaching career. You can choose to expand your knowledge or learn a new skill.

Alternatively, you can decide to take the next step in your career by teaching in an international school. Teaching in an international school might be the best decision for various reasons. In this guide, the pros at Lookout Mountain Elementary School will discuss why an international teaching career is the best move for you. 

Bangna is a Fantastic City

If you are planning to teach abroad, Bangna may be one of the best places to move. With several top attractions and excellent infrastructure, you are guaranteed the best time of your life when you move to this great city.

You can stop by the famous Grand Palace after school to unwind. Other top attractions in Bangna include the Erawan Museum, Khaosan Road, and more. Bangna is also close to other major cities such as Samutprakarn, Nonthaburi, and Chon Buri. The cost of living in Bangna is also cheaper than in most cities worldwide. 

Discover New Cultures

An international teaching career can help you take the next step by allowing you to interact with students, parents, and staff from different cultures. International schools in Bangna accept students from every part of the world.

As a result, you will be able to learn and appreciate other cultures. Not only that, but these schools also have an annual multicultural day to celebrate cultural diversity. Learning about different cultures will be beneficial when moving to a new country. 

Good Salary

International school teachers in Bangna are among the highest-paid teachers in the world. On average, international school teachers in Bangna pocket around 80,000 to 170,000 Baht depending on experience and employer.

Additionally, most international schools offer attractive benefits, including paid vacations, health insurance, and housing allowance. You can also save consistently, thanks to the low cost of living in Thailand. 

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, then teaching in an international school in Bangna is the right move for you. You will not only get a good salary, but you will also discover new cultures and enjoy top attractions in this fantastic city.