How to Differentiate an International School in Bangkok from Bilingual Schools


Some parents have the misconception that bilingual schools and international schools are the same. However, this is not so. International schools use the curriculum from foreign countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, Switzerland, Australia, Germany.

In contrast to international schools, bilingual schools in Bangkok adhere to the Thai national curriculum, with majority of the courses taught in English language, while some classes are taught using Thai language. While some bilingual schools are privately run, quite a number are public schools. International schools in Bangkok, on the other hand, follow the syllabus of other national programs like the US, British, Finnish or Swiss curriculums.

Also, international schools make use of the modern teaching facilities and methods that go hand-in-hand with these foreign curriculums, while bilingual schools tend to use mostly the memorization patterns that are largely used in regular private and public Thai schools. This is the reason many foreigners living in Bangkok and elite Thai families prefer to send their children to international schools in Bangkok.

Another significant difference between the two categories of schools is the tuition fees—international schools are more expensive than bilingual schools. With the higher tuition, international schools in Bangkok tend to provide better learning and structural facilities, and more qualified and experienced foreign teaching staff that are well-paid. This would better prepare your child for entry into the university, either in your home country or any other school of their choice.

Many international schools in Bangkok and Thailand are ranked on top of the list of the best schools in all of Thailand, in terms of quality and child-focused education. This poses as a big challenge to most private and public schools in both Bangkok and Thailand. This is because as many parents that can afford to pay the fees of an international school in Bangkok, now prefer to send their children to such schools. Unfortunately, educational quality in this area comes with a price tag. The cheaper alternative for parents who cannot is an English Program or bilingual school.

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